The Plan

By the 5th of November, I'm hoping to be able to run a 5 minute pace 7km, and by the 12th of November, I'm hoping to be able to run a 5 minute pace 10km. By the 19th of November, I'm hoping to be able to hit a 15km run again, hopefully at a 530 pace. So these are the mini milestones for myself.

So now that I've got my mini milestones set out, how do I achieve these mini milestones? We always should have a plan, a realistic one that we think we can follow. But if things don't go as planned, be flexible and switch it up.

Plan A

31st October Tuesday - 5.21km @ 503 pace, 30 seconds plank x 3 (20 seconds rest in between)
1st November Wednesday - Trail - It was super gloomy. So change of plans - today became fartlek day. Did a 10 minute warmup followed by 5-4-3-2-1 on and off. This got me 7.93 km at an average pace of 5.08 in 40 minutes. 45 seconds plank x 4 (45 seconds rest in between)
2nd November Thursday - Fartlek - Guess this will be trail day then. Change of plans because I had a headache and a cough. I took a nap, then decided to head out for a really quick run. So I did a 10 minute warmup at 3 hill sprints of 300m. That gave me 4.1km with an average pace of 540. Then I did plank 1 minutes x 2, 30 seconds rest and Squats 10 x 5
3rd November Friday - 6km @ 5m pace - Hmm don't think I'm going to make it to hit the roads today. Hamstrings are a little sore. May hit the trails depending on weather. So I finished work a little late so did not manage to hit the trails. I foam rolled for 30 minutes before hitting the road. I could only manage 5km at 453 pace and came out gasping for air. I failed my 6km. I think I won't be able to hit the 7km @ 5m pace on Sunday. I think I lack the endurance to go on. I need to change up my training and train up my endurance before trying my 7km @ 5m pace. Plank 45s x 4 (15s rest in between)
4th November Saturday - Trail + Road - So it rained. It is 1040am and I'm still waiting for the rain to stop. So decided to do a mini strength workout at home. 10 burps x 5, 10 Squats x 5, Glutes Bridge 20 x 5, 30seconds Plank Variations x 10 with 30 seconds rest in between, 10 Exercise Ball Swiss Knee Tuck To Chest x 3 and I finished off with some 20 minutes of stretching and foam rolling. I think I've been so tired, I slept fro 3 hours after my mini strength workout. Like what right? And I practically did nothing the whole day. Remember how I said I think I lack the endurance - I mean if I've only ran 7km once at 508 pace this week, how am I to expect myself to run a 5m pace 7km. I need to run longer than that. So, I ran an 8.1km at 525 pace today. 
5th November Sunday - 7km @ 5m pace This means, no more 7km today. Woke up a tad bit late but still made it to the trails. Thankful for the cloudy weather. I did a 9km road+trail and it was so tough for me. I had to stop a couple of times before walking. Did a 5km 542 pace recovery run in the evening. 

Managed a total mileage of 50km this week.

Black is the initial plan.
Blue means my first thoughts of the day. 
Green means my second thoughts of the day. 
Red means my third thoughts of the day. 
Purple are my strength stuff. 

As you can see, I try to stick to my plan, but I also listen to my body, kinda. If I know I'm too tired to complete my workout, I schedule a rest day instead. If I fail a workout, I see what's lacking in my training and try to schedule it in before attempting it again.

So I scrapped doing my 7km at 5 minute pace. I put in a couple of hard sessions to train my speed endurance. Although I know I still have yet to put in effort to train my endurance, but I managed to hit a 457 pace 10km today - 3 days before I'm meant to. I'm ecstatic.

Looking back at my training thus far, I really lack the endurance part of training. The initial target was to hit a 15km run by end of the week but I have yet to even attempt it. Well, I'm going to try tomorrow!


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